Holycross Abbey Tours

Highlights of a Visit to Holycross Abbey

  • The restored Holycross Abbey is unique. It has a great mix of features that blend well together.
  • It has the widest range of window patterns and tracery of any medieval building. No two windows are the same.
  • The Sedilia and Waking Bier draw superlatives from the experts. Roger Stalley in his book on the Cistercians describes them as “.. the finest piece of church furnishing in medieval Ireland”. They are the highpoint in Cistercian art in stone.
  • The Relic of the Cross was probably displayed in the waking bier. It drew pilgrims from far and wide since the foundation in 1182 AD.
  • The sanctuary and the north transept have the finest ribbing of the period.
  • A 750 years old bell, called Michael, is reputedly the oldest church bell in Ireland and hangs in the belfry.
  • It has the only surviving medieval chapter house doorway in Ireland.
  • There is also a whispering arch.
  • The arcading of the cloister is beautifully executed.
  • There is plenty more here in stone, folklore, legend and history.


A guided tour of Holycross Abbey is available

Every Wednesday and Sunday

At 2:00 pm

And also by prior arrangement

For Information and Requests please contact

Telephone:  086 1665869

Email:            holycrossabbeytours@gmail.com

Occasional religious ceremonies may alter tour availability

Failte go Mainister na Croise Naofa

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