Holycross Ballycahill


Holycross Abbey

Holycross Abbey has a rich and interesting history. Holycross Abbey is a restored medieval Cistercian monastery on the banks of the River Suir in Co. Tipperary. A relic of the True Cross drew pilgrims from far and wide since its foundation by Dónal Mór Ó Briain, King of Limerick, in 1182AD. Around 1400AD the Butlers of Ormond were patrons and many renovations were carried out. A second relic, the Ormond Relic, was enshrined in the Abbey. Many of the unique architectural features date from the 15th century rebuild.

History of Holycross AbbeyImportant dates in Holycross Abbey History:

  • Founded in 1182 AD by Dónal Mór Ó Briain, King of Limerick.
  • Reconstructed 1400 to 1450 AD under the patronage of the Earls of Ormond.
  • Dissolved about 1540 AD.
  • The last monk Fr. Edmund Cormack Died 1735.
  • 1970 – 1975 The Abbey Church was Restored.
  • 1979 – 1983 The West Range was Restored.
  • 1984 – 1985 The East Range was reconstructed as a Curate’s Residence.
  • Now the Abbey is the Parish Church of Holycross-Ballycahill.

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