Holycross Ballycahill


Churches in Holycross Ballycahill

There are two churches in the Parish.

Holycross Abbey is a world Famous tourist attraction and there is a section in this website with information about the Abbey.

(Eircode E41 PH01)

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Ballycahill church (Eircode E41 A978) is located in the heart of the village. St. Cathaldus’ T-shaped church is the dominant building in the crossroads village of Ballycahill. Its bell tower, with the entrance door, is at the end of the nave.

This is an unusual feature in Catholic church buildings. The T-shaped plan of the nave and side aisles was common when the church was built in the first half of the 1800’s. The population was increasing rapidly and the extra space allowed the congregation to be closer to the altar area. The church stands on the site of an earlier penal chapel which was given by Thomas Fogarty of Garranroe (later known as Castlefogarty) about 1750.