Holycross Ballycahill


Holycross Soccer Club

BRIEF HISTORY: Formed 1992 in Holycross, Thurles, Co.Tipperary.and affiliated to the North Tipperary & District League. Has fielded one or two junior teams and as many juvenile teams as possible throughout its existence.

STRUCTURES: The club is governed by an elected committee consisting of chairman, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer, child protection officer, and four other ordinary members, and is bound in its activities by a club constitution. The clubs most common challenge is to attract sufficient volunteers to adequately manage its teams.



The club adopted its crest in 2008 to replace the old crest which was based on the Jerusalem Cross, a theme popularly adopted by other parochial organisations, although with no tangible link to the parish. The new crest depicts the geographical characteristics of the clubs catchment area. The rolling fertile valley of the golden vale, the river suir, and the hills and mountains which surround the area, are represented. The main feature is the traditional version of the true cross from which parish and club take their name.